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Jamaican Student...

It is said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and this invention began with the need to defeat dandruff. Javin Williams, a...
May 13th 2014
Views 10048

Jamaica - Fencing for...

Fencing has not been a sport that is traditionally followed in Jamaica, so not many people would be aware that in October 2013,  Ohio-based Jamaican,...
April 17th 2014
Views 5031

A Jamaican did what?

Did you know that it was a Jamaican who: Photo courtesy of Dr. Paula Tennant 1.Developed the ortanique 2.Developed several...
April 7th 2014
Views 6349

Treasury of Desserts

Treasury of Desserts  As a teenager, Kathy Gauntlett had no idea which career path to choose and little inclination to choose one. When a school...
April 5th 2014
Views 5548

The Grass is Greener

There's a popular expression that "the grass is greener on the other side", however I love the new perspective I read recently that the grass is greener...
January 24th 2014
Views 4763

Change in Direction

I love this picture of the three ducks taking a swim with one duck clearly going in a different direction. The other two ducks could choose to follow or...
January 22nd 2014
Views 5600

Loving You!

Loving you. Yes YOU, the person who stares directly at you as you look in the mirror! We've heard this a million times before, that before you can love...
January 21st 2014
Views 4042

It's a New Day!

Today is indeed a new day, a gift!   Few of us think of Mondays in particular as a gift. If you're fortunate enough to read this, then you're...
January 19th 2014
Views 2449

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