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Note about dates

    You can add an event taking place over a period, with a start date and an end date, and/or single dates:

    Single Dates
    ► Event with a single date, and a start time
    eg a concert that starts at 20:00 and takes place only the selected day.

    ► Event with several dates, consecutive or otherwise, with a start time, which may be different for each date.
    eg a concert that would take place a week on Friday and Saturday, and the following week on Friday. This concert can started at different times, and you can add new dates at any time.

    Event over a Period
    ► Event over a period (from ... to ...).
    eg a music festival which starts on Thursday at 14:00 and ends on Sunday at 23:00. In this case, you enter the start date and end date.

    Event over a Period & Single Dates
    ► The event takes place over a period and you want to add specific hours.
    eg A band participates in a music festival from Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 23:00. On Thursday, the band plays at 16:30, Saturday at 18:00 and Sunday at 13:15. You can then enter the period of the event (from Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 23:00) and add the single dates with time, when the band is on stage.

    ► The event takes place over a period, and other dates that are not in this period.
    eg an event which takes place from Monday to Sunday (dates over a period) and another week on Tuesday and Friday (single dates).


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    Jamaican Student...

    It is said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and this invention began with the need to defeat dandruff. Javin Williams, a...
    May 13th 2014
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    Jamaica - Fencing for...

    Fencing has not been a sport that is traditionally followed in Jamaica, so not many people would be aware that in October 2013,  Ohio-based Jamaican,...
    April 17th 2014
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    A Jamaican did what?

    Did you know that it was a Jamaican who: Photo courtesy of Dr. Paula Tennant 1.Developed the ortanique 2.Developed several...
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    Truth be told, we all have things we can complain about. We live in a world where circumstances don't always go our way and at times the challenges just...
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    Follow your path

    Every now and then I pinch myself and take stock of where I am now versus a year ago. I'm in a very different place. A different zip code. A different...
    January 28th 2014
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    Don't Panic!

    Have you had one of those days when you check the time and simply panic? It's the time when "time" just simply got away and you are no where close to...
    January 27th 2014
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    The Grass is Greener

    There's a popular expression that "the grass is greener on the other side", however I love the new perspective I read recently that the grass is greener...
    January 24th 2014
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    Change in Direction

    I love this picture of the three ducks taking a swim with one duck clearly going in a different direction. The other two ducks could choose to follow or...
    January 22nd 2014
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    Loving You!

    Loving you. Yes YOU, the person who stares directly at you as you look in the mirror! We've heard this a million times before, that before you can love...
    January 21st 2014
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