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Caribbean Vibes Radio (CVR) celebrates ten years since conception this coming November, 2014. We'd like to thank you for your dedication over the years, and if today is your first visit to CVR, we're thrilled you've found us! We'll continue to deliver the quality product you've come to enjoy from our dedicated and passionate staff. If you wish to contribute to our station please do so here. Again, thank you for logging on to Catch it. Feel it. 24-7!

CVR Shows & Special Programming


CVR - 24/7!

Tune-In 24-7! Worldwide! Caribbean Vibes Radio celebrates its 10th year on the internet offering live streaming audio, news and information...Read More...
Views 1046

Gospel Show w/ Mr. TM

The TM Show Sundays @ 2pm est. Mr. TM, Trinidad Born Marcus Romero, the son of the well know Sound Engineer/Producer Mark Romero, grew up...Read More...
Views 1166

Under Pressure

Under Pressure Wed. @9pm est. DJ Gusma-T, Italy Radio entertainer, DJ Gusma-t has been working as technician, speaker or dj for several FM...Read More...
Views 922

The Island Groove Show

    Island Groove Show Sat. @8pm est. Archived Shows DJ Solo, Jamaica This native of St. Andrew Jamaica has entertained party...Read More...
Views 1356

Taste of the Caribbean


Pasta with Roasted Grapes, Asiago...

This dish combines colors and textures that's multi-layered, a sure favourite of mine of Sarina's. You get the sweetness of the grapes, tempered with...Read More...
Apr. 14 2014Views 36

Banana Daiquri (recipe) –...

Sarina says, "As I type this it’s 3pm, on a Tuesday. Yes, a Tuesday. Sometimes that’s just how life goes and it’s been -that- kind of week already. So,...Read More...
Apr. 11 2014Views 281

Crisp Lemon Chicken (recipe)

  Roasts have always intimidated me. When I first started getting into cooking as a hobby they were one of the first things that I attempted, and...Read More...
Apr. 08 2014Views 80



A Jamaican did what?

Did you know that it was a Jamaican who: Photo courtesy of Dr. Paula Tennant 1.Developed the ortanique 2.Developed several...
April 7th 2014
Views 204

Treasury of Desserts

Treasury of Desserts  As a teenager, Kathy Gauntlett had no idea which career path to choose and little inclination to choose one. When a school...
April 5th 2014
Views 221


Truth be told, we all have things we can complain about. We live in a world where circumstances don't always go our way and at times the challenges just...
February 9th 2014
Views 874

Follow your path

Every now and then I pinch myself and take stock of where I am now versus a year ago. I'm in a very different place. A different zip code. A different...
January 28th 2014
Views 873

Don't Panic!

Have you had one of those days when you check the time and simply panic? It's the time when "time" just simply got away and you are no where close to...
January 27th 2014
Views 4431

The Grass is Greener

There's a popular expression that "the grass is greener on the other side", however I love the new perspective I read recently that the grass is greener...
January 24th 2014
Views 887

Change in Direction

I love this picture of the three ducks taking a swim with one duck clearly going in a different direction. The other two ducks could choose to follow or...
January 22nd 2014
Views 953

Loving You!

Loving you. Yes YOU, the person who stares directly at you as you look in the mirror! We've heard this a million times before, that before you can love...
January 21st 2014
Views 738

It's a New Day!

Today is indeed a new day, a gift!   Few of us think of Mondays in particular as a gift. If you're fortunate enough to read this, then you're...
January 19th 2014
Views 797

Inside Music



Though the Reggae/Dancehall industry is dominated by men, Karamanti stands as a strong black woman, (in her home town of...Read MoreViews 102

Sharon Tucker

Genre: Reggae Heritage: Jamaican     Sharon is blessed not only with melody and well trained vocal chords,...Read MoreViews 762

Hailee Araya

Genre: Reggae Heritage: Ethiopian-Swedish Hailee Araya is an Ethiopian Swedish singer songwriter born and raised in...Read MoreViews 680

Ruth-Ann Brown

Genre: Reggae, Pop, Soul Heritage: Jamaican   For Ruth-Ann Brown, making Reggae music was hardly a...Read MoreViews 685

Tanice Morrison

Genre: R&B, Jazz, Soul  Heritage: Jamaican     Jamaican born songstress, Tanice...Read MoreViews 950

Exciting Travel Ideas


A Caribbean Poker Tour

01/15/2014, 07:14
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