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Crisp Lemon Chicken (recipe)

  Roasts have always intimidated me. When I first started getting into cooking as a hobby they were one of the first things that I attempted, and...Read More
Apr. 08 2014Views 3247

Banana Daiquri (recipe) –...

Sarina says, "As I type this it’s 3pm, on a Tuesday. Yes, a Tuesday. Sometimes that’s just how life goes and it’s been -that- kind of week already. So,...Read More
Apr. 11 2014Views 4221

Carmen’s Carrot Muffins...

This recipe is one found in Sarina's mother's homemade scrapbooks. Sarina writes that her mother has compiled her recipe collection since the 1970′s and...Read More
May. 13 2014Views 3325

“You Won’t Be Single For...

Sarina first learnt about this (You won't be single for long - Vodka Cream Pasta) Rachael Ray dish on Oprah and she says, "I won’t lie, as a single girl,...Read More
Apr. 17 2014Views 3215

Don't Panic!

OopsHave you had one of those days when you check the time and simply panic? It's the time when "time" just simply got away and you are no where close to completing your deadline? or you're now running late for an important meeting? Sort of that feeling when you didn't hear the alarm go off and you're late for work or worst yet, late for the first day on a new job? Well, check, check, I've experienced all of the above and it is perhaps one of the worst feelings ever!

Here are my thoughts should this ever happen to you. Once you manage to gain composure from the brief panic attack, you realize you have a few choices. You could close your eyes and wish the situation away or face it head on! It's times like these we realize we are human. Not robots, but human. And while we all need to be disciplined and have a good handle of time management, there may come a situation or two when things don't go as planned.

When this happens, I suggest, take full responsibility for your actions and face the consequences. I realize this could be easier said than done, however, this is perhaps the only time you can set up an action plan to help remedy the situation (if possible). Did I hear you say, LIE? I won't suggest you LIE, but I won't hold judgement against you if you did, however, telling lies, in my opinion, can at times exasperate the situation. You may feel differently. Once you get through the situation where the time element is seemingly against you, there's an opportunity to learn ways to prevent this from being a repeat. That feeling of panic is not one to embrace, in fact, it's best to avoid it. The consequences can be extremely uncomfortable and in some cases quite costly.

There's and up side! You have what it takes to get through this and any circumstance that comes your way. Face the situation responsibly and take action. Things happen, you're only human!

Make it a great day!




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Jamaican Student...

It is said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and this invention began with the need to defeat dandruff. Javin Williams, a...
May 13th 2014
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Jamaica - Fencing for...

Fencing has not been a sport that is traditionally followed in Jamaica, so not many people would be aware that in October 2013,  Ohio-based Jamaican,...
April 17th 2014
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A Jamaican did what?

Did you know that it was a Jamaican who: Photo courtesy of Dr. Paula Tennant 1.Developed the ortanique 2.Developed several...
April 7th 2014
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Treasury of Desserts

Treasury of Desserts  As a teenager, Kathy Gauntlett had no idea which career path to choose and little inclination to choose one. When a school...
April 5th 2014
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Truth be told, we all have things we can complain about. We live in a world where circumstances don't always go our way and at times the challenges just...
February 9th 2014
Views 4409

Follow your path

Every now and then I pinch myself and take stock of where I am now versus a year ago. I'm in a very different place. A different zip code. A different...
January 28th 2014
Views 4253

Don't Panic!

Have you had one of those days when you check the time and simply panic? It's the time when "time" just simply got away and you are no where close to...
January 27th 2014
Views 8123

The Grass is Greener

There's a popular expression that "the grass is greener on the other side", however I love the new perspective I read recently that the grass is greener...
January 24th 2014
Views 4064

Change in Direction

I love this picture of the three ducks taking a swim with one duck clearly going in a different direction. The other two ducks could choose to follow or...
January 22nd 2014
Views 4888

Loving You!

Loving you. Yes YOU, the person who stares directly at you as you look in the mirror! We've heard this a million times before, that before you can love...
January 21st 2014
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